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SDK reference

Public SDK classes

MdlResponse class

Field Description
Items Data items array from all documents/namespaces in the mDL. Each item has docType, nameSpace, identifier and value.
ErrorMessage Contains error message if an error occured
ErrorDetails Contains error details if an error occured
Portrait Binary encoded portrait (face image) of the mDL holder
Signature Binary encoded signature of the mDL holder
IssuingCountry Issuing country of the mDL
IssuingJurisdiction Issuing jurisdiction
AgeOverXX Age over dictionary of ages to boolean flags (is over)
SignedAt Signed at datetime (from ValidityInfo structure)
ValidFrom Valid from datetime (from ValidityInfo structure)
ValidUntil Valid until datetime (from ValidityInfo structure)
DeviceDataElementsAuthorized Are mDoc data elements authorized
DSCertificateInfo Dictionary with DS certificate information
IACACertificateInfo Dictionary with IACA certificate information
MSOVerified Confirms whether the MSO is verified
DeviceAuthHMACVerified Confirms whether HMAC is verified
ValueDigestsVerified Confirms whether value digests are verified
SecurityChecksPassedOK True if all security checked are passed
RetrievedFromServer True for online server retrieval of mDL
ValInfoVerified Confirms whether validity info values digests are verified

MdlRequest class

Field Description
RequestMode Possible values are All, Age, Contact. If null the default request mode is applied.
IdentifyingInfo True if identifying info is requested. If null the default identifying info mode is applied.
CustomFields Specify dictionary of Namaspace => Fields Array to create a custom request. Leave null to create a default request based on RequestMode and IdentifyingInfo

ReaderSettings class

Field Description
DefaultRequestMode Default request mode. One of All, Age, Contact.
DefaultIdentifyingInfo Default flag to retrieve identifying info.
EnableOnline True to enable online mDL server retrieval if QR contains a server URL and token.
CertificatesPath Folder path with known IACA certificates to validate mDL DS certificate
UserName User name of licensed user
LicenseText License text sent with email from Scytales.
DebugEnabled True to show debug statements in Visual Studio
SentryDsn Connection string for a project in the logging platform

MdlReader class

Method Description
Initialize Initialize the mDL Reader with settings and a license string.
RequestRead Perform asynchronous read of mDL document after QR engagement. Returns an MdlResponse structure.